At LEx Osaka (Language Exchange Osaka), you can have a chance to speak English or Japanese whilst having fun! We have fun games and activities that utilize our knowledge of English and Japanese, learn new grammar points and practice our conversation skills through various weekly topics that are applicable to use in your everyday speaking life.


Make friends both international and Japanese as you practice points learnt in class in group discussions!
This is a relaxed way to chat openly in the language of your choice and learn new things about your friends!


Use the grammar points learnt in class to practice in one on one conversations with a wide variety of people!
This is a chance to have quick conversations with people, without feeling the pressure to hold a conversation!


At LEx we have people from all over the world. Meet people from countries like America, Australia, the UK, Europe, Canada and some funny countries you have never even heard of. These people are studying or working in Japan as teachers and business people, bringing a wide variety of skill and background to LEx Osaka. It’s also a chance to meet Japanese, who may be studying to enhance their English skill like you, or are looking to exchange their native language for yours. Whoever you meet at LEx Osaka, you are sure to learn new and exciting things as well as make friends for life!


Do I need to have any previous English/Japanese skill?
No, you don’t need any previous language skill, LEx Osaka is bilingual so you won’t have any problems understanding! Just come with the confidence to learn something new!

Do I have to speak in a foreign language?
No, LEx Osaka is a relaxed and friendly environment, we encourage people to speak and learn something new, but there are no requirements to speak if you are uncomfortable.

Do I need to bring any English or Japanese textbook?
LEx Osaka, is based on conversation skill and grammar points, sometimes we will teach from textbooks, but it is not necessary to bring your own.

Do I need to bring an electronic dictionary?
If you feel more comfortable with an electronic dictionary please bring one, but there will be bilingual people there to lend you a hand with that ‘tricky’ word!

Can Language Exchange Osaka help me with my coming soon TOEIC, EIKEN or JLPT test?
Yes, LEx Osaka focuses primarily on speaking, however this can aid you in your examinations and give you the boost you need. We also focus on grammar points based used in TOEIC and JLPT tests.

Does Language Exchange Osaka have age limits?
No, there are no age limits, young and old LEx Osaka is for everyone!

Can children come to Language Exchange?
Yes, children are also welcome.